Bognor: Unbecoming Habits (ITV 10-26 Feb 1981)

In Unbecoming Habits Bognor, who works for the Special Investigation Department of the Board Of Trade is sent undercover to Beaubridge Priory when one of his colleagues is found murdered on the grounds. Colingdale, his colleague, had been investigating how trade secrets were swapped at an Iron Curtain expo where the Priory was showcasing some of it’s legendary honey.

Immediately Bognor is warned off the case and is then almost killed in an accident into the bargain. Not that he is going to let that stop him of course.

An eccentric storyline sets out Bognor’s stall rather nicely. From the sanctum of the priory to an unexpected nude scene from Main Chance star Anna Palk to a finale involving an airport chase the entertainment quotient remains high across the six episodes.

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Doctor Who fans will be pleased to note the appearance of two Doctors in this episode in the shape of the always excellent Patrick Troughton and Richard Hurndall who played the William Hartnell doctor in anniversary story The Five Doctors.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 6×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 10-26 February 1981 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm

Writer: T.R. Bowen / Production Design: Rod Stratfield / Director: Robert Tronson

Series: Bognor Season 1 Story 1 Episodes 1-6

David Horovitch as Bognor
David Rowlands as Batty Tom
Roger Heathcott as Supt Pinney
Geoffrey Chater as Sir Erris Beg
Joanna McCallum as Monica
Stephen Boxer as Edmund
Anthony Jackson as Barnabus
Patrick Troughton as Xavier
Anna Palk as Lena Strudwick
John Francis as Bede
Robert Eddison as John
Edward Peel as Vivian
James Maxwell as Anselm
Alec Wallis as George Hey
Ewan Roberts as Parkinson
Conelius Garrett as Paul
David Gooderson as Andy
Richard Hurndall as Lord Camberley
Charles Lloyd Pack as Matthew
Roland Curram as Gaymer Burton

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