High Chaparral, The (NBC 1967-1971, Leif Erickson, Mark Slade)

Western drama series The High Chaparrel was set in the Arizona territories during the 1870’s where the cannon family set about the running of their ranch The High Chaparral. The family, who kept cattle, were led by big John Cannon, and they spent much of their time troubled by Indians.

Big John had remarried following the death of his first wife (killed by Apaches), his new wife was Victoria Montoya who just happened to be heiress to a large cattle empire, her brother Manolito also lived at The High Chaparral. Other characters included Big John’s brother Buck, John’s son Billy Blue (who left before the final season), there was also Sam the ranch foreman and ranch hands Reno, Pedro and Joe.

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For the final season a new cast member, the half breed Wind, was added, taken under the wing of Big John Cannon.

production details
USA / NBC / x60m-e / Broadcast Sunday 10 September 1967 – Friday 10 September 1971

LEIF ERICKSON as Big John Cannon
MARK SLADE as Billy Blue Cannon (1967-70)
HENRY DARROW as Manolito Montoya
LINDA CRISTAL as Victoria Cannon
FRANK SILVERA as Don Sebastian Montoya (1967-70)
DON COLLIER as Sam Butler
TED MARKLAND as Reno (1967-70)
ROBERTO CONTRERAS as Pedro (1967-70)
RUDY RAMOS as Wind (1970-71)

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