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The Brothers: End Of The Beginning (BBC-1 10 Mar 1972)



The Brothers

In the End of The Beginning, the opening episode of this long running series Robert, Patriarch of the Hammond family and owner of the large Hammond Transport haulage company, dies and leaves a bombshell in his will. Eldest son Edward who has expected to inherit the company is more than a little put out to discover that his father has divided the company equally between himself, his two other brothers David and Brian and his personal assistant Jennifer Kingsley with whom he has fathered a daughter.

Classic opening episode, almost the entire thing is given over to the setting up of the structure of the series, introduction of the characters via a funeral is also a classic opening gambit. Right from her first scenes it is made plain that Brian’s wife Ann is never going to be happy with her lot, always wanting more. She immediately wants him to sell his shares and keep his old job so that they can move to a bigger house.

Most people will remember Patrick O’Connell in the role of Edward but in this first series he is played with great aplomb by Glyn Owen.

classic quote
“I’ve put my life into this business, it is my life”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 10 March 1972

Writer: N.J. Crisp / Production Design: Allan Anson / Director: Ronald Wilson

Series: The Brothers Season One Episode One

guest cast
JOHN WELSH as Mr Cassell
IAN REID as Young Driver
NICOLA MALONEY as Carol Hammond