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The Brothers: Flight Of Fancy (BBC-1 11 May 1975)



In Flight of Fancy Merroney has his eyes on an ailing air freight company and thinks they would slot nicely into the Hammond portfolio. He, David and Bill go on a fact finding mission to discover their real worth. The omens look good but one of the directors, Jane Maxwell, is not going to make things easy for Hammonds.

The fabulous Kate O’Mara as Jane Maxwell makes her presence felt right from her first scene, kicking the door of the office open and sending Merroney, Riley and David on their way with a flea in their ear. However when she learns what Hammonds have in mind she realises that getting into bed with them might be the only way the business can survive. Her only stipulation – a seat on the Hammond board.

So the series opens out even further with the arrival of Maxwell and Stacey both of whom will have a big impact on the direction of the series. it’s revealed early on that Don and Jane used to married and between them hold the licence to fly – without which the business is useless. The new boardroom with its octagonal table makes it first appearance as do the new offices. “Look whenever I see a clean desk I know there is no work being done!”. There are some nice contrasts here with Hammonds itself, Flair Freight started out very much as Hammond’s did but never quite made the highest grade.

The Brothers Flight of Fancy

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 11 May 1975

Writer: Eric Paice / Production Design: Charles Bond / Director: Vere Lorrimer

Series: The Brothers Season Five Episode Six

guest cast
CAROLE MOWLAM as Clare Miller
KATE O’MARA as Jane Maxwell (debut)
MIKE PRATT as Don Stacey (debut)
JOSEPH WISE as Customs Officer