The Brothers: Ripples (BBC1 31 Oct 1976, Amanda Boxer)

In Ripples Jenny’s remarks to her mother-in-law about Jane Maxwell has really put the cat amongst the pigeons putting Brian and David against each other. Ted is back and unsure about where he wants his marriage to Jenny to go.

Paul Merroney wants the company to move into Tehran and wants to send Bill Riley and Brian out there on a fact finding mission however more pressing is his need to find a new permanent secretary, maybe the highly proficient Julia Dawes would be the ideal person for the job. The only problem is – she doesn’t want it.

Well Jenny is really going for it this series, spreading some major discord amongst the brothers and coming out with some particularly cutting remarks to Ted during one of their growing arguments and poor Jane is left in the crossfire, she has been seeing rather a lot of David but nothing has been going on between them (even if David would like there to be).

Meanwhile Merroney definitely meets his match with the super effecient Ms Dawes who is clearly a female version of himself and he is clearly shocked when she tells him she can’t take the job because she doesn’t think they will get on!

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 31 October 1976

Writer: Brian Finch / Production Design: Lynda Kettle / Director: Christopher Baker

Series: The Brothers / Season Seven Episode Nine

classic quote
“Her wonderful sons… A lush, a failure and a has been.”

main cast
JEAN ANDERSON as Mary Hammond
RICHARD EASTON as Brian Hammond
ROBIN CHADWICK as David Hammond
JENNIFER WILSON as Jennifer Hammond
KATE O’MARA as Jane Maxwell
COLIN BAKER as Paul Merroney
LIZA GODDARD as April Merroney

guest cast
AMANDA BOXER as Julia Dawes

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