The Crezz: Gone to the Dogs (ITV 28 Oct 1976, Frank Mills)

It’s the other side of the tracks that is the focus of Gone to the Dogs as the working class George Smith whose house also backs onto the Carlisle Crescent gardens buys a greyhound. Not only does his wife resent him buying the greyhound rather than the new washing machine they really need but the residents of The Crezz are not impressed about him using the gardens to train “Harvey Street Boy” either. It also turns out that Harvey Street Boy might need to be remained Harvey Street Girl.

A nicely comedic episode and one giving Frank Mills a chance to shine as Greyhound loving George. We also get more of a sense of the layout of the Crezz with the less salubrious Harvey Street also having direct access to the gardens too.

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By this stage in it’s original run The Crezz was under performing ratings wise and it was now being broadcast in the distinctly non prime-time slot of Thursdays at 10.30pm.

classic quote
“I hate dogs with no hair, they look like a snake on stilts.”

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episodes / Broadcast Thursday 28 October 1976 at 10.30pm

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Writer: Shane Connaughton / Production design: Colin Andrews, Bill Laslett / Director: Brian Farnham

Series: The Crezz Episode 7 (of 12)

Frank Mills as George Smith
Linda Robson as Jane Smith
Anton Phillips as Clarence Henderson
Lee Walker as Bing Smith
Hilda Braid as Molly Smith
Eileen O’Brien as Bridget Macarthy
Alan Devlin as Joseph Macarthy
Elizabeth Begley as Mrs Macarthy
Gerald James as Major Rice
Stanley Lebor as The barman
Joss Ackland as Charles Bronte
Aimee Delamain as Lady Clarke
Briony McRoberts as Esther Bronte
Elspet Gray as Jackie Bronte
Yvonne Hall, George Hilsdon, Stephen Kane as People at meeting

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