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Strangers: Silver Lining (ITV 19 June 1978, Hywel Bennett)



Strangers Silver Linings

The always excellent Hywel Bennett guest stars in Silver Lining as Jack Slater, a professional gambler who runs a tipping service. C23 believe he may have links to a protection racket. Doran goes undercover as a secretary at his offices whilst Bulman gets a job in a betting shop which may just be a cover for the money laundering side of the racket.

It doesn’t take Slater long to discover that Doran is up to something when he learns that she has been recording his conversations but she manages to cover her tracks, mainly because Slater quite fancies her. Bulman also has his hands full when he visited by the protection boys.

Always good to see Bennett on screen, he owns every scene he is with effortless ease. Around this time he was making something of a screen come back having concentrated on the stage for much of the decade.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 19 June 1978 at 9.00pm

Writer: Steve Wakelam / Production Design: Colin Rees / Director: Bill Gilmour

Series: Strangers Season 1 Episode 3

Don Henderson as George Bulman
John Ronane as Det Sgt Singer
Frances Tomelty as Linda Doran
Nita Valerie as Waitress
Hywel Bennett as Jack Slater
Barbara Waddington as Rosie
Annette Ekblom as Glenys
Judith Barker as Barbara
Paul Duncan as Jimmy
Dave Parke as Sean
Harry Markham as Bert
Paul Antrim as O’Keefe
Lee Walker as Kenny
Peter Armitage as Billy
Harry Littlewood as Tout
David Scase as Shillitoe