Hazell: Hazell Pays A Debt (ITV 23 Jan 1978, with Maurice O’Connell)

In Hazell Pays A Debt major villain Keith O’Rourke is fresh out of prison and in search of revenge. Hazell was responsible for putting him away when he was still in the force. Before he went inside O’Rourke had already targetted Hazell’s family leaving his dad needing crutches to walk.

After O’Rourke once again targets Hazell’s parents Hazell seeks him out and gives O’Rourke a thorough beating. He knows O’Rourke won’t let it stop there and when the fall out does come it doesn’t end well.

A dapper looking Karl Howman.

Meanwhile Hazell has now got his own office at Dots, albeit one that it is in the attic, his latest attempt to make money is not going too well though. A simple debt collecting job sees the elderly Mr Dornford (played by the fab Richard Murdoch) very easily pulling the wool over his eyes.

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Besides Murdoch there quite a few other well known faces popping up including a very dapper Karl Howman, the lovely Celia Gregory, Derrick O’Connor as the none too likeable O’Rourke and Sandy Ratcliff as his wife.

Celia Gregory is Vinnie Rae, she specialises in debt collecting work for Dot and seems to quite like Hazel but ends up rather shocked when the fallout with O’Rourke happens.

classic quote
“you’re the fella with the girls name, Hazel init.”

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 23 January 1978 at 9.00pm

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Writer: Gordon Williams / Production Design: David Ferris, Bill Palmer / Director: Alastair Reid

Series: Hazell Season 1 Episode 2

Nicholas Ball as James Hazell
Desmond McNamara as Cousin Tel
Leo Dolan as Rodders
Karl Howman as Slippery
Arbel Jones as Barmaid
Roland MacLeod as Pub Manager
Derrick O’Connor as Keith O’Rourke
Maurice O’Connell as Billy Begg
Betty Hardy as Mrs Hazell
George Hilsdon as Mr Hazell
Maggie Riley as Maureen
Barbara Young as Dot
Celia Gregory as Vinnie Rae
Richard Murdoch as Dornford
Oscar James as Swimming Pool Attendent
Roddy McMillan as Choc Minty
Sandy Ratcliff as Mrs O’Rourke

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