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Harry O The Madonna Legacy Harry O The Madonna Legacy


Harry O: The Madonna Legacy (ABC 11 Dec 1975, with Christine Belford)



In The Madonna Legacy a former captain of detectives is found dead on the beach, believed to have committed suicide. Harry is sure that Frank McDonald would never have killed himself. His death seems to have links with wealthy businessman Walter Nesbitt.

As Harry investigates he learns that Frank had investigated the murder of Walter Nesbitt’s secretary some eight years before. Meanwhile it seems someone is systematically trying to get rid of the Nesbitt’s themselves. The case gets murkier when Harry learns that the man who was imprisoned for the murder of Nesbitt’s secretary has been released on parole. Is it just a simple case of revenge?

The real centre of the whole story is the 8 year old murder case and in best Agatha Christie style all the suspects gather as various flashbacks reveal who the real killer was.

Harry O The Madonna Legacy

Christine Belford as Karen, the younger second wife of Walter Nesbitt. 

production details
USA / ABC / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 11 December 1975

Writer: Michael Sloan / Director: Richard C. Bennett

Series: Harry O Season 2 Episode 13

David Janssen as Harry Orwell
Anthony Zerbe as Lt. K.C. Trench
John Colicos as Walter Nesbitt
Dennis Redfield as Jonathan Nesbitt
Gwen Arner as Stella Christian
Christine Belford as Karen Nesbitt
Phyllis Love as Jean MacDonald
Charles Shull as Bill Henderson
Doria Cook as Joanna Costello
Jack Riley as Barney Hamilton
Sabrina Scharf as Jenny
Carol Bagdasarian as Angela Thomas
Paul Tulley as Sgt. Roberts
Joseph Stern as Ralph Costello
Jane Lambert as Amy
Derek Murcott as Dr. Foster
Paul Bryar as Bartender



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