Justice: Nobody’s That Good (ITV 20 Apr 1973, with Angela Thorne)

After having spent the whole season languishing in the credits simply as Clerk of Chambers, Bill (or to give him his full name William Corletti) gets to move centre stage in Nobody’s That Good. His 17 year old Dave has gotten himself into trouble and Bill desperately needs Harriet and Sir John’s help. He has been accused of being one of a gang that beat up and robbed a Major Stannard. Unfortunately despite Harriet’s best endeavours Dave i found guilty and sentenced to three year in prison. Dave has insisted from the start that he didn’t take part in the mugging, Bill takes some leave and does some digging on the Major and discovers that he has a few unsavoury secrets.

It’s quite odd that Bill’s wife isn’t satisfied with his being “just” a barristers clerk despite the fact that he earns a considerable sum of money and is working for one of the top barristers in London.

Dr Moody has dinner with probation officer Eileen Rutherford. Ian would like her to work for the trust and the pair have an immediate rapport.
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In a Dr Moody development his work with the Guardian trust is growing, he has persuaded them to move from Bloomsbury to a poorer area of London, where they are needed more. The trust has purchased two derelict houses which they intend to turn into a law centre. Harriet is to be chairman and wants Sir John to be one of the volunteers giving unpaid legal advice. Moody’s relationship with Harriet is still troubled – he persaudes her to take a three day break with him in Lisbon only for her to miss the flight after helping Bill with Dave’s appeal. Harriet heads to the airport to catch the next flight to discover a note at the desk from Ian saying “lets forget it shall we!”.

Mark Colleano who plays Dave is the son of fellow actors Susan Shaw and Bonar Colleano, he very much looks like his father who had died in a road accident in 1958.

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Having dug up some dirt on the Major, Bill basically blackmails him into changing his evidence. Luckily Detective Sergeant Wilson tells Harriet about the fact that the Major admitted to him that David wasn’t involved in the actual beating.

classic quote
“have no fear it’s only his brains and money that I’m after.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 20 April 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: John Batt / Production Design: Colin Piggott / Director: Alan Bromly

Series: Justice Season 2 Episode 11

Margaret Lockwood as Harriet Peterson
Philip Stone as Sir John Gallagher
John Stone as Dr Ian Moody
John Bryans as William (aka Bill) Corletti
Carolyn Courage as Phyllis Bradstreet
Mark Colleano as Dave Corletti
Angela Thorne as Eileen Rutherford
Faith Kent as Shirley Corletti
John Nettleton as Major Hector Stannard
Dennis Mawn as Junior Clerk
Charles Kinross as Associate
Gerald Cross as Judge
Diane Patrick as Airport receptionist

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