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The Main Chance: Liar’s Dice (ITV 9 Jul 1969)



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In Liar’s Dice businessman Godffrey Allen sues David for £40,000 claiming gross negligence after his business starts to fail.

Allen had hired Main to complete the legal work on the purchase of a company that ended up going bankrupt – David did rush through the paperwork but Main tried to persuade Allen not to go through with the deal. Unfortunately he doesn’t have anything in writing and it looks like Allen may have a case.

Naturally enough David is not at all happy, he hates people trying to take advantage, not that anyone usually gets the chance of course. He is determined to clear his name, whatever it takes.

In a chat he has with Margaret we learn that Peter Findon used to be a barrister rather than an articled clerk but he doesn’t say why. This is easily Findon’s most sympathetic performance in the whole series. Actually willing to help rather going his own way.

In Edmund Ward’s novel based on the series we do learn that Findon was suspended for the comparatively minor lapse of priming a witness whilst a case was in progress. He’d decided to then become a solicitor and Main liked having him on the team because he still had access to the somewhat closed of barristers.

Main Chance Liar's Dice

The TV Times again featured Kate O’Mara in a prominent two page fashion shoot (taken from when they took her to Ireland earlier in the year). Once again O’Mara only has five minutes of screen time.

Soon to be Doomwatch heartthrob Simon Oates plays the nasty Godfrey Allen.

classic quotes
“I intend to fight this case and I intend to win. I expect there to be blood all over the court room and I assure it will be Godfrey Allen’s not mine.”

“I’m now going to walk all over him until my feet get tired. Then I’m going to take a small rest and walk all over him again.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 9 July 1969 at 9.10pm

Writer: Edmund Ward / Director: Christopher Hodson

Series: The Main Chance Season 1 Episode 4

John Stride as David Main
Kate O’Mara as Julia Main
Anna Palk as Sarah Courtenay
Philip Bond as Peter Findon
Margaret Ashcroft as Margaret Castleton
Liz Bamber as Priscilla Graves
Aubrey Morris as Elbert Cheever
Aimee Delamain as Alice Greensmith
Simon Oates as Godfrey Allen
David Morrell as Ian Stewart
Dervis Ward as George Bristow
Geoffrey Chater as Roger Chapman
Arthur Brough as County Court Judge
Edward Harvey as Barrister
Antony Baird as Watchman