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Man At The Top: Fixtures And Fittings (ITV 22 Feb 1971)



It looks like Joe has fallen on his feet once again in Fixtures And Fittings when he saves a very wealthy industrialist from losing a fortune in a dodgy deal, Harvey Clayton offers Joe a job setting up the new London end of his business. He is seeing Jonni on a fairly regular basis but she too quickly becomes tired of his business obsessed attitude. When Susan puts the house up for sale he realises just what he is missing out on and it seems a reconcilliation is on the cards.

A fitting finale to a fabulous first season of Man At The Top, lots of good moments between Joe and Harvey Clayton and a great scene where Jonni realises that no matter what Joe is never going to change when it comes to business first, she walks out on him suitcase in hand and he is momentarily put out but then goes back to his work. The only possibly false note is struck with the ease that Susan accepts Joe back but then again they have a lot of history together and she has always known what kind of man he is.

production details
UK / ITV Network – Thames / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 22 February 1971

Writers: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley / Production Design: David Marshall, Patrick Downing / Director: Dennis Vance

Man At The Top Season One Episode Ten

guest cast
RUPERT DAVIES as Harvey Clayton
ANN LYNN as Jonni Devon
INGRID HAFFNER as Mrs Anderson
SHEILA RUSKIN as First Nurse
DENIS THORNE as Car Hire Rep
COLIN RIX as Chauffeur
SALLY GOLDIE as Second Nurse