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New Scotland Yard: Crossfire (ITV 21 July 1973)



In Crossfire Manuel, the son of Sebastian Barrios, ambassador to the South American banana republic of Guantala, is kidnapped. Kingdom and Ward are called in. Barrios is convinced that a rebel group currently known to be in the country are behind the kidnapping.

Things take an unexpected turn when his mother, Candida, goes behind everyone’s back and pays the ransom. Manuel is released but his story doesn’t quite add up especially when he tries to incriminate his mother’s lover – arms dealer Brett Ashley.

A change of pace episode really, although it was a topical one. Lots of small political cells were springing up in London in the early part of the decade and this channels into that.

Archetypal Yorkshireman Leslie Sands is South American ambassador Barrios not that his accent changes in any way! On the other hand Jonathan Newth (who was appearing in The Brothers around this time) gives us a very dodgy accent, part normal American and part South American and all wrong.

New Scotland Yard Crossfire

Jonathan Newth as the dodgy accented Brett Ashley. Tony Robbins as Candida.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 21 July 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: Nicholas Palmer / Production Design: Michael Yates / Director: Paul Annett

Series: New Scotland Yard Season 3 Episode 5

John Woodvine as Kingdom
John Carlisle as Ward
Tony Robbins as Candida Barrios
Leslie Sands as Sebastian Barrios
George Camiller as Receptionist
Jonathan Newth as Brett Ashley
Richard Dennis as Miguel Salvador
Michael Godfrey as Garcia Cabrera
Brian Nolan as Detective Constable Simms
Carmen Silvera as Olive
Nicholas Hoye as Manuel Barrios
Ellis Dale as Businessman
Richard Kane as Vincente Ubico