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The Onedin Line: Cry of the Blackbird (BBC-1 7 Jan 1972)



In Cry of the Blackbird the Pampero is travelling to Australia with a cargo of passengers looking to start a new life. It’s a hard journey, still three weeks out five people have so far died on the voyage. Matters are made worse upon arrival in New South Wales too, the wool cargo that James needs for the return voyage has failed to materialise (it’s one of the worst wool seasons the new country has ever had).

Luckily the Reverend Amos McPherson turns up with an intriguing proposition. He wants James and Anne to transport a party of “natives” to a mission school in Queensland. Of course it’s not to long before we discover that the good reverend is not quite all he seems. He likes a drink and is discovered in a compromising position with one of his new charges.

Emma Callon, played by the gorgeous Pamela Salem, makes her first brief appearance here. She will have a major impact on the next season but at this stage it’s just an introduction. Season two will also see her being played by Jane Seymour. She is being seen off at the dock by Daniel Fogarty as she heads off to Ireland but it also gives Elizabeth, who just happens to be there, a chance to act a bit green eyed monster-ish.

There is some authentic Australiana too – Judy Nunn who makes a short appearance as a drunken woman outside a pub is better known for her long running role on Australian soap Home and Away and for her role on 1970’s Australian drama The Box. Writer Bruce Stewart although based in the UK was actually from New Zealand too.

Onedin Line Cry of the Blackbird

Australian actress Judy Nunn makes a small appearance as woman outside pub.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 7 January 1972

Writer: Bruce Stewart / Production Design: Jeremy Bear / Director: Gerald Blake

Series: The Onedin Line Season 1 Episode 12

Peter Gilmore as James
Anne Stallybrass as Anne
Howard Lang as Mr Baines
Pamela Salem as Emma Callon
Michael Billington as Daniel Fogarty
Jessica Benton as Elizabeth
Judy Nunn as Woman outside pub
Brian Young as Gurney
Peter Jeffrey as Amos McPherson
Douglas Milvain as Hamway
Neil Kennedy as Roper
Tony Wright as Quennel
John Colcough as Joby
Clifton Jones as Eremasi
Sue Chaloner as Melua



Hazell: Hazell and Hyde (ITV 7 June 1979, with Maev Alexander)




Hazell Nicholas Ball

In Hazell and Hyde James is asked to find a young woman, Claudine, who has apparently joined a group of squatters. When Hazell tracks down the group he is told that they had forced her to move on – her drug use was causing big problems. When a body turns up it looks like Hazell has found her, and an identification by her father seems to confirm it. However Choc Minty quickly arrives on the scene and makes it plain the dead girl is not the Claudine he is looking for but a woman who had apparently crossed Claudine in some way.

Claudine actually turns out to be something of a psychopath and having killed once has decided to make her next target our intrepid hero.

Meanwhile Jim has finally found himself somewhere else to live, his old flat having been reclaimed by the fellow he lent him the use of it.

It’s definitely something of a walk on the seedier side of life for Hazell. Maev Alexander, wjho plays the disturbed Claudine, is best known for her role as Christine Russell in the first couple of seasons of Sutherland’s Law.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 7 June 1979

Writer: P.J. Hammond / Production Design: Robin Parker / Director: Baz Taylor

Series: Hazell Season 2 Episode 8

Nicholas Ball as Hazell
Maev Alexander as Claudine
Peter Bourke as Graham Morris
Myrtle Devenish as Old lady singer
Christopher Godwin as Claw-Hammer
Betty Hardy as Mrs. Gladys Hazell
Michael J. Jackson as Squatter
Norman Lumsden as Old man singer
Ronald Mayer as Pianist / Singer
Roddy McMillan as ‘Choc’ Minty
Desmond McNamara as Cousin Tel
Yvonne Nicholson as Squatter
Mark Penfold as Mortuary attendant
John Rapley as Mr. Clive
Katherine Stark as Annie

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Hazell: Hazell and the Suffolk Ghost (ITV 31 May 1979, with Meg Davies)




Hazell and the Suffolk Ghost

In Hazell and the Suffolk Ghost our intrepid hero pays a visit to the seaside when an accountant, Peter Harlow, calls him in over a cottage he has been left in a will. He has no idea why he has been left the cottage but since he has taken over ownership more than a few strange things have been happening.

Hazell stays at the cottage for a few days and manages to find no small amount of comfort when Harlow’s wife Stephanie turns up (Harlow himself is in New York). Although there is clearly something spooky going on it’s definitely man made and it doesn’t take Hazell too long to work it out.

The episode was a rare outing outside of London for the series, it was filmed in the East Anglian village of Walberswick and surrounds. Although all the interiors were filmed in studio of coure.

classic quote
I may be common but I’m not stupid

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 31 May 1979

Writer: Richard Harris / Production Design: Philip Blowers, Peter Elliot / Director: Mike Vardy

Series: Hazell Season 2 Episode 7

Nicholas Ball as Hazell
Michael Gaunt as Peter Harlow
John Woodnutt as Vicar
Desmond Llewellyn as Bell
Richard Simpson as Weaver
Meg Davies as Stephanie Harlow
Desmond McNamara as Tel
Peter Woodward as Gregory Summers
Joy Steward as Mrs Summers

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Hazell: Hazell Gets The Boot (ITV 10 May 1979, with Billy Murray)




Hazell Gets The Boot

In Hazell Gets The Boot Hazell finds himself more or less coerced into taking on a supposedly simple job for villain Dave Castle. His Bently has been stolen and he wants James to get it back for him. Hazell’s investigation leads him to a scrap yard where the car is being hidden. He gets more than he bargained for when two of the Connell gang ambush him and give him a thorough going over.

Meanwhile Hazell’s love life is also going through a troublesome patch. Patsy Flanagan is spending some time at his flat after having a dust up with her husband. Hazell is keen for the arrangement to be just a night or two of pleasure but Patsy is keen on a more permanent arrangement.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 10 May 1979

Writer: Willis Hall / Director: Carol Wilks

Series: Hazell Season 2 Episode 4

James Hazell as Nicholas Ball
Billy Murray as Big Dave
Pauline Delaney as Sister
Peter Bourke as Graham Morris
Liz Crowther as Cynthia
Betty Hardy as Mrs Gladys Hazell
Cindy O’Callaghan as Patsy Flanagan

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