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The Onedin Line: Pound and Pint (BBC-1 24 Sep 1972)



In Pound and Pint James and Anne are returning home from the West Indies but trouble is growing on board The Star of Bethlehem. Crewman Jessop is sowing the seeds of trouble. Things get worse when the provisions are halved after the meat goes bad. Jessop is determined to bring the men out on strike when they get back to Liverpool.

The strike causes major problems for James and Callon line and leaves James having to do so quick thinking. Coming to terms with the strikers could mean that he get one over on Fogarty. Daniel Fogarty decides to take matters into his own hands and organises a strike breaking crew which cost him a ship and smashed up dock office.

Anne is definitely not happy about the way James has been dealing with the situation. She thinks he is solely concerned with money (which he is) and doesn’t care about his crew. She wants to be loyal to James but at the same time is having a real crisis of conscience about his methods. Even going so far as to provide food to the family of the strikers. Anne’s dissatisfaction with James will have some major repercussions over the next few episodes.

classic quote
“Anne, you leave this house above my express wishes and you needn’t bother to come back.”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 24 September 1972 at 7.25pm

Writer: Cyril Abraham / Director: Ben Rea

Series: The Onedin Line Season 2 Episode 2

Peter Gilmore as James
Anne Stallybrass as Anne
Philip Bond as Albert
Howard Lang as Baines
Godfrey James as Jessop
Peter Childs as Clay
Thomas Heathcote as Fletcher
Brian Rawlinson as Robert
Mary Webster as Sarah
Jessica Benton as Elizabeth
Jane Seymour as Emma Callon
Jenny Laird as Ellen Jessop
Michael Billington as Fogarty