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The Siege of Golden Hill: Bribery (ITV 29 Jun 1975, with John Malcolm)



Siege of Golden Hill The Vandals Are Coming

In Bribery Allen has stepped up his campaign against Old Tom, having arranged for the Anvil gang to smash up the old feller’s house. When Bill sees a calling card left behind by the gang he knows they were responsible. He confronts Jacky and makes him tell him who put them up to it.

Jacky’s number two in the gang, Kenny, is none too impressed that the house they vandalised belonged to Old Tom.

Sarah’s dad tries to tell Allen to cool it but Allen makes it plain that he will the use the knowledge that he has been taking money in exchange for information against him. Allen himself then pays a visit to Old Tom and when he gets nowhere tells his henchman Franks that the “gloves are off” – meaning it’s going to get a lot worse for the old man.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 29 June 1975 at 5.35pm

Writer: Nick McCarty / Production Design: Bryan Holgate / Director: John Sichel

Series: The Siege of Golden Hill Episode 4 (of 12)

Billy Hamon as Jacky
Gerry Sundquist as Billy
Peter Dudley as Des
Sara Clee as Sarah
John Malcom as Allen
Chris Sanders as Herbert Franks
Walter Dalby as Old Tom
Janice Bean as Mrs Adams
Karen Berlinski as Mary
Gregory Munroe as Kenny
Graham Weston as Police Sergeant
Arnold Peters as Mr Small