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The Siege of Golden Hill: The Frighteners (ITV 6 Jul 1975, with Walter Dalby)



Siege of Golden Hill Threats

In The Frighteners Sarah’s dad wants to make one last ditch effort to talk Billy into persuading his granddad to give up his home. But Billy and Old Tom are determined to stay strong. Meanwhile Franks wants the Anvil gang to put even more pressure on the old man. Kenny is not so sure he wants to be involved anymore. He seeks out Billy at the youth club (who is not there) but Sarah and Des persuade him to help with a plan they are working on.

The menacing Franks has his hands full somewhat here putting the hard word on Sara’s dad as well as ramping up the threats to the Old Man and Billy.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 6 July 1975 at 5.35pm

Writer: Nick McCarty / Production Design: Bryan Holgate / Director: John Sichel

Series: The Siege of Golden Hill Episode 5 (of 12)

Billy Hamon as Jacky
Gerry Sundquist as Billy
Peter Dudley as Des
Sara Clee as Sarah
John Malcom as Allen
Chris Sanders as Herbert Franks
Walter Dalby as Old Tom
Janice Bean as Mrs Adams
Karen Berlinski as Mary
Gregory Munroe as Kenny
Graham Weston as Police Sergeant
Arnold Peters as Mr Small
Caroline Peters as Betsy