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The Siege of Golden Hill: The Vandals are Coming (ITV 22 Jun 1975, with Peter Dudley)



In The Vandals are Coming Billy speaks to Des and Sarah at the youth club and they persuade him to go to the police. Their response doesn’t fill Billy with the greatest of confidence. Meanwhile Allen’s henchman Franks pays The Anvil gang to step up the campaign to get Old Tom out of his house.

Sarah and Billy also seem to be getting on rather well, she knows he is not like the other kids from the gang. She also realises late on in the episode that her father has no intention of doing anything to help Old Tom. He in fact is rather feeling the pressure from Allen and is even willing to upsticks and move to another area all together.

The episode ends with Billy paying a visit to his grandfather only to find that his house has been completely ransacked.

Siege of Golden Hill The Vandals Are Coming

Old Tom has had his home vandalised by The Anvil gang.

production details
UK /ITV – ATV / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 22 June 1975 at 5.35pm

Writer: Nick McCarty / Production Design: Bryan Holgate / Director: John Sichel

Series: The Siege of Golden Hill Episode 3 (of 12)

Bill Hamon as Jacky
Gerry Sundquist as Billy
Sara Clee as Sarah
Peter Dudley as Des
Arnold Peters as Small
Chris Sanders as Herbert Franks
Walter Dalby as Old Tom
Frederick Schrecker as Sam
Gregor Munroe as Kenny
Graham Weston as Police Sergeant