Six Days of Justice: With Intent To Deceive (ITV 8 May 1971, with Alethea Charlton)

In With Intent To Deceive Mrs Molly Foster is purported to have acted as a clairvoyant for monetary gain and used fake equipment. It’s a prosecution under the fraudulent mediums act of 1951.

Mrs Trafford is played by Pauline Delany who at the time was making the odd appearance on fellow Thames show Public Eye and in a nice bit of Public Eye continuity her husband Norman is played by Ray Smith who was also a regular on that series playing Detective Inspector Percy Firbank.

The accused is played by Alethea Charlton who the following year would go on to a major role in popular series Sam as also would Ray Smith, in fact the two played a married a couple!

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It’s another interesting episode with an unusual subject (although Wicca and spiritualism was enjoying something of a renaissance in the early 1970’s), it’s soon very obvious that the Traffords are not being exactly honest with the truth and have their own reasons for wanting to strike out at Mrs Foster.

classic quote
“How did you know she was psychic.”
“Oh everybody knows down our way.”

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 8 May 1972 at 9.00pm

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Writer: Stewart Farrar / Production Design: Mike Hall / Director: Kim Mills

Series: Six Days of Justice Season 1 Episode 5

Alethea Charlton as Molly Foster
Pauline Delany as Laura Trafford
Ray Smith as Norman Trafford
John Nettleton as Chairman
Michael Spice as Warrant Officer
John Crocker as Clerk of the Court
Gerald Sim as Johnson
Philip Brack as Mackenzie
Brenda Cowling as Usher
Colin Rix as Constable Waring
Margaret Anderson as Mrs Bartrip
Michael Barrington as James Curtis
Betty Cameron as Magistrate
Eric O’Connor as Magistrate

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