Sister Kate (NBC 1989-1990, Stephanie Beacham, Jason Priestley)

Stephanie Beacham, usually remembered as mean-spirited femme fatale Sable from Dynasty and The Colbys, proved she had range as an actress when she took on the title role in the sitcom Sister Kate. The erstwhile nasty girl portrayed a nun who was transferred from an archaeological dig to an orphanage known as Redemption House. She soon found herself put in charge of seven wards of the state: three teens (Todd, April, and Frederika), two pre-teens (Hilary and Eugene), and two youngsters (Violet and Neville).

The nun and the children took to each other like oil and water: Sister Mary preferred her own company and took no guff, while the children tended to be rough on authority figures and had previously driven off three priests who attempted to tame them. However, Sister Kate’s gruff charm eventually won the kids over (they dubbed her “Sister Mary Rambo”) and heartwarming moral lessons were learned by all.

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The show ran from September of 1989 to January of 1990, then returned for one month in June of that year. Only 19 episodes of Sister Kate were produced, but the show did leave two notable legacies: the theme song, “Maybe An Angel,” performed by Christian music superstar Amy Grant, and young star Jason Priestley, who would once again play a teen heartthrob in the long-running Beverly Hills 90210.

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production details
USA / NBC / x25 minute episodes / Broadcast 16 September 1989 – 1 September 1990

Theme Music: Maybe An Angel by Amy Grant

Stephanie Beacham as Sister Kate
Jason Priestley as Todd Mahaffey
Erin Reed as April Newberry
Hannah Cutrona as Frederika Marasco
Penina Segall as Hilary Logan
Harley Cross as Eugene Colodner
Alexaundria Simmons as Violet Johnson
Joel Robinson as Neville Williams
Gordon Jump as Lucas Underwood

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