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Soldier and Me: Conspiracy (ITV 15 Sep 1974)



In Conspiracy teenager Jim Wolcott steps in when he sees a foreign kid being bullied by a group of young thugs, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with the boy who is from Czechoslavakia. Unable to pronounce his name Jim nicknames him Soldier.

Soldier whilst in the library overhears a pair of criminals planning what seems to be a murder plot. Jim and Soldier tell the police but they don’t believe them….

An excellently gritty opening episode, despite having rescued Soldier from bullies Jim isn’t too keen on him following him around but can’t quite stop himself getting involved when Soldier decides to keep investigating after the police send them packing.

A youngish Richard Wilson pops up as Dr Wilson who is organising the school play.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 15 September 1974 at 4.50pm

Writer: David Line / Director: Carol Wilks

Series: Soldier and Me Episode 1 (of 9)

Gerry Sundquist as Jim
Richard Willis as Soldier
Sally Sanders as Mrs Woolcott
Murray Leach as Ron Nixon
Richard Wilson as Dr Nixon
Richard Ireson as Greasy
Constantin de Goguel as Smiler
Armitage Ware as Cripple
Stanley Dawson as Mr Figgis
Robert Putt as Desk Sergeant
Nicole Penn-Symons as Librarian
Lorraine Peters as Shop Manageress
Eddie Caswell as Van driver