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The Brothers: Life Goes On (BBC-1 6 Apr 1975)



The Brothers Life Goes On

In Life Goes On the opening episode of the fifth season Brian is in court finalising the details of his divorce from Ann being granted a decree nisi. He’s struggling to cope though with both the single life and his new role as Managing Director. Martin Farrell has gone to Switzerland at the behest of Paul Merroney who is harbouring plans to take over as Chairman of Hammonds.

The episode ends on the bombshell news that Jill is dead!

So Gabrielle Drake’s Jill is no more, with Drake having left the show at short notice in-between seasons (there was a four month gap between the end of season four and the start of season five) the production team didn’t mess about and simply killed her off. Not that you’d know it from David’s behaviour throughout the episode, other than a quick glance at a photo of Jill at his mothers place and the fact that Brian is staying with David. Also gone is the excellent Murray Hayne as Martin Farrell and Ann Hammond is also off the scene with the divorce now final. Ann and the children have gone off to stay with her parents in the country.

Belfast Telegraph – Saturday 05 April 1975
Taking pride of place in the popularity stakes must be the return of The Brothers (BBC -1 7-25) back for another 13-week series. At the end of the last, the Hammond family were under considerable strain, publicly and privately. But in tonight’s episode “Life Goes On” by N. J. Crisp, they begin to sow the seeds of recovery. The key man in the expansion of Hammond Transport is Paul Merroney, played by Colin Baker.

Seen briefly during the last series, he now has a more important role. In their private lives, each of the Hammond brothers has a personal battle to fight. Brian (Richard Easton) must come to terms with the failure of his marriage; David (Robin Chadwick) is still not reconciled to Jill’s death, and as for Edward (Patrick O’Connell) – will he make up his mind and propose to Jennifer (Jennifer Wilson) and if he did, could he ever get his mother (Jean Anderson) to accept her as his wife. “Although the Hammonds seem to be going through a bad time, It’s by no means all doom and despondency.” says producer Ken Riddington. “As a family, they are prone to domestic and business pressures familiar to us all but they have their share of happiness, too. There are plenty of pleasant surprises – some of them in the shape of new characters.”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 6 April 1975

Writer: N.J. Crisp / Production Design: Gavin Davies / Director: Lennie Mayne

Series: The Brothers Season Five Episode One

guest cast
CAROLE MOWLAM as Clare Miller
JOHN KELLAND as Solicitor
FRANCES PIDGEON as Susan Collier