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Special Branch: The Children of Delight (ITV 5 Nov 1969, with Sheila Fearn)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Special Branch are asked to investigate a strange cult like organisation called The Children of Delight – Detective Sergeant Sarah Gifford is sent undercover to join the group.

Meanwhile Helen Webb tries to help Mrs Cole whose son Jimmy is also a member of the cult.

MI5 man Charles Moxon, who is still giving Eden a hard time over his mishandling of the Troika affair, is convinced that there is something politically subversive about the group.

There are some excellent guest stars popping up too including Sheila Fearn as undercover cop Sarah and Dad’s Army stalwart Arnold Ridley who is a member of the cult forced to do menial work because of some unspecified misdemeanour.

classic quote
“I think they are victims of their own inadequacy, but then Sir aren’t we all.”

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 5 November 1969 at 9.00pm

Writer: Adele Rose / Production Design: Stan Woodward / Director: Peter Duguid

Series: Special Branch Season 1 Episode 8

Derren Nesbitt as Jordan
Wensley Pithey as Eden
Jennifer Wilson as D.S. Helen Webb
Morris Perry as Charles Moxon
John Abineri as Comber
Georgina Anderson as Mrs Bishop
Lynne White as Hysterical girl
Anna Turner as Mrs Cole
Wilfred Downing as Jimmy Cole
Louis Haslar as Ingemar Hedin
Sheila Fearn as Detective Sergeant Sarah Gifford
Howard Goorney as Duncan Ross
Arnold Ridley as Mr Turner
Tony Caunter as Police Sergeant
Pamela Coveney as American Girl
Heather Emmanuel as Cult member
John Newman as Cult member
Roger Tolliday as Cult member