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Special Branch: Something About A Soldier (ITV 14 Mar 1974, with Rula Lenska)



Special Branch Something About A Soldier

In Something About A Soldier, Major Hallett a notorious ex army officer turned mercenary is back in the UK. Spotted arriving at the airport and also discovered to be armed. Special Branch want to know why.

Hallett has teamed up with his former NCO Sgt Crocker with a mission to interrogate a civil servant called Bannister. Things get out of hand during the interrogation when Bannister is killed. Events quickly spiral out of control and Craven and Haggerty (along with a strong back up contingent) are caught up on an action packed, firearm heavy stand off.

Special Branch Something About A Soldier

Lot’s of well known faces popping up in this episode, with future Sweeney mainstay Garfield Morgan taking the lead as Hallett as well as unsung character actor Godfrey James as his oppo Crocker. Meanwhile gorgeous Rula Lenska dons black wig to play Lydia who is also involved with the Bannister job. Patricia Haines and William Marlowe also make appearances.

The final 10 minutes sure is action packed. After Lydia is caught trying to leave the country she very quickly gives Craven and Haggerty the whereabouts of Hallett and Crocker. The soldiers are heavily armed but outgunned and in best Butch and Sundance style go out in a blaze of glory.

Special Branch Something About A Soldier

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 14 March 1974 at 9.00pm

Writer: Michael J. Bird / Director: William Brayne

Series: Special Branch Season 4 Episode 5

George Sewell as Alan Craven
Patrick Mower as Tom Haggerty
Frederick Jaeger as Fletcher
Garfield Morgan as Major Hallett
Godfrey James as Sgt Crocker
Rula Lenska as Lydia
Ivan Beavis as Bannister
Patricia Haines as Mrs Lane
William Marlowe as Inspector
Paul Antrim as Det Sgt Maguire
Sheila Brownrigg as Mrs Hallett
Bernard Taylor as Capt Dwyer
Bruce Taylor as Sir Miles Daventry
Christopher Banks as Vicar
Jack Lambert as John Miller
Tarn Harper as Sarah Lane
Simon Henderson as Mark Lane
Dave Carter as Minibus driver