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Thick As Thieves: Home And Away (ITV 13 Jul 1974, with Pam Scotcher)



Thick As Thieves Home and Away

In Home and Away Annie is on holiday in Spain with best friend Daphne. They are having a great time despite the fact that Annie is sure Dobbs and Stan are up to no good back home.

Meanwhile back at home Dobbs and Stan are getting very Odd Couple until Dobbs discovers that Stan has arranged a double date with old flame Yvonne and her friend Brenda.

Both Dobbs and Stan spend the night away from home but both are insistent that nothing went on, in fact Dobbs is adamant that he slept on Brenda’s couch.

When it’s time for the holiday to end Daphne returns home but Annie has decided to stay on for a few days – in the villa of a new friend called Desmond.

Pam Scotcher, who plays Yvonne, had appeared as a girlfriend of Bob Hoskins in an episode of Villains called Knocker. Here she is hooked up with Stan.

Thick As Thieves Home and Away

Cleo Sylvestre as Dobbs’ new friend Brenda.

classic quote
“Look it’s not so bad for you, this is only the first time she’s left you. It’s the second for me.”

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 13 July 1974 at 8.45pm

Writers: Dick Clement, Ian la Frenais / Production Design: David Catley / Director: Derrick Goodwin

Series: Thick As Thieves Episode 7 (of 8)

Bob Hoskins as Dobbs
John Thaw as Stan
Pat Ashton as Annie
Nell Curran as Daphne
Pam Scotcher as Yvonne
Cleo Sylvestre as Brenda