Classic TV Episodes: The Fugitive – The Judgement Part II

The Fugitive was one of the great TV shows of the sixties, so well remembered that a big screen outing in 1993 with Harrison Ford in the lead was a major hit and was quickly followed by a TV remake.

Here though it’s back to the original and the very final episode of the series. After a four-year marathon of running and chasing and hiding — always one step ahead of the tireless Lieutenant Gerard (Barry Morse) and one step behind the nefarious one-armed man (Bill Raisch) — how would it end for Dr. Richard Kimble (the fabulous David Jannsen)?

On a warm Tuesday night, 25.7 million American households tuned in to find out. What they got was a flashback to a senseless murder; a cowardly eyewitness who could have cleared Kimble; a suspenseful fight atop a tower in an abandoned amusement park; a confession; and, ironically, Kimble’s obsessed pursuer, who becomes his sharpshooting rescuer. “The Judgment, Part II” was one of those rare TV events that the whole country seemed to share.

Original Airdate: August 29, 1967

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