The BBC’s New Season of The Repair Shop, Lets Meet Some of the Repairers

The Repair Shop Repairers

The BBC’s beloved restoration show “The Repair Shop” is back for its thirteenth season, and this time, it’s shining a spotlight on a new set of experts who will showcase their unique skills in repairing and restoring treasured items. The show, hosted by Jay Blades, is airing on Wednesdays at 8.00pm on BBC One. Here we introduce some of the repairers who will be working their magic throughout the series.

Suzie Fletcher—Leather Worker and Saddle Maker

Suzie Fletcher is a leather worker and saddle maker based in Oxfordshire. With over 40 years of experience, she is an expert in restoring leather goods, including jackets, accessories, and furniture. Suzie joined the show in the third season and often works alongside her brother, Steve Fletcher. Her appearance on the show has been particularly meaningful, as she shared that it helped “repair her heart” after the tragic loss of her husband.

Will Kirk—Wood Restoration Expert

Will Kirk, a fan favorite, is a carpenter and cabinetmaker. He owns a workshop in Wandsworth and has made appearances on other TV shows, including “Celebrity MasterChef.” Will’s expertise lies in anything wood-related, from restoring dollhouses to repairing antique jigsaw puzzles. He first joined the show in 2015 and has been a regular fixture ever since.

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Kirsten Ramsay—Ceramics Conservator

Kirsten Ramsay is a ceramic conservator who owns her own business, Kirsten Ramsay Ceramic Conservation and Restoration. She has also worked with the British Museum, showcasing her impressive skills. Kirsten’s passion lies in “unlocking our social history” through the restoration of ceramics.

Steve Fletcher—Horologist

Steve Fletcher is a third-generation clock maker who inherited his family’s clock workshop in Oxfordshire. As a horologist, he specializes in restoring clocks and watches, carrying on a family tradition that dates back to 1910. Steve has been a solid member of the team, appearing in countless episodes and sharing his expertise with viewers.

Dominic Chinea—Metal Worker and Set Designer

Dominic Chinea is a metal worker and set designer who joined the show in the second season. He has experience in car restoration and previously worked as a graphic designer. Dominic has used his skills to restore a variety of items, including a children’s roundabout and a strength-testing carnival machine.

Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell—Teddy Bear Experts

Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell are experts in a unique niche: teddy bear restoration. They own a restoration business called “Bear It In Mind” and host a podcast called “Bearly Begun.” The pair have been regular experts on “The Repair Shop” since the second season, showcasing their skills in restoring beloved childhood toys.

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Lucia Scalisi—Painting Conservator

Lucia Scalisi is a painting conservator who has worked on restorations at the V&A Museum and the Calcutta Tercentenary Trust in India. She now runs her own business, using her expertise to give new life to ageing and damaged artwork.

Brenton West—Silversmith

Brenton West is a silversmith with over 40 years of industry experience. He has worked alongside famous designers such as Faberge and Asprey and has been a part of “The Repair Shop” since the first season, repairing over 100 items.

The Repair Shop features members of the public bringing in items with unique stories and personal significance that require restoration or repair that a team of expert craftspeople with a diverse range of specialisms, including upholstery, horology, leatherwork, ceramics, and metalwork bring back to life. The items are often connected to significant historical events or personal milestones, making each episode an emotional journey.

New episodes of The Repair Shop air Wednesday at 8.00pm on BBC One.

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