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Julia Louise Dreyfus on Veep and politics



Julia Louise Dreyfus is the cover star of this months Marie Claire, she talk to the magazine about her hit HBO show Veep and why Hilary Clinton shouldn’t get so much bad press for cutting her hair.

On why she cut her hair for Veep:I mean, Hillary Clinton has gotten so much s**t for her hairstyles over the years. Which is remarkable when you consider what it is she does! But hair, for some reason, is a really big deal.”

On her longevity: “I’ve followed my instinct. I’ve tried to be as thoughtful as I could be and pure in my thinking in terms of looking at projects and, by the way, the people who are attached to those projects. It’s kind of like getting married to a stranger: You spend a lot of time together, and you have to be in sync creatively—and you can’t always know that. For instance, with Armando, I didn’t really know him that well, or at all, actually. And then you sign your life away.”

The full interview is available in the magazine.