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Stacey Dooley’s Journey into Extraordinary American Lives



Stacey Dooley's Journey into Extraordinary American Lives

Get ready for another eye-opening and unashamedly honest series of Sleeps Over USA, returning to W with three new episodes. Award-winning documentary maker Stacey Dooley takes viewers on a journey through modern American life, staying with unique and extraordinary families across the country. From spending the weekend at a legal brothel in Nevada to immersing herself in the lives of off-grid polygamist Mormons in South Dakota, Stacey gets up close and personal with her hosts, experiencing their daily routines and exploring their unique perspectives on love, relationships, parenting, money, sex, and religion.

The first stop on Stacey’s sleepover adventure is The Mustang Ranch, Nevada’s only female-run legal brothel. Stacey dives headfirst into the world of courtesans as she shares mealtimes, activities, and celebrations with the sex workers at the ranch. Reflecting on her stay, Stacey enthusiastically shares, “I love a brothel, so it was perfect for me! For years I’ve said that I don’t understand why all brothels aren’t just made legal and above board. I think it would ultimately mean that women are safer and that they are able to contribute financially and legitimately to society. I think it would put them in a more powerful position too.”

Stacey’s experience at The Mustang Ranch shines a light on the strict regulations and safety measures in place for the courtesans: “The Madams had security and panic buttons, and the rooms were super clean. It was really refreshing to see that they were paid appropriately and had a safe space to do the work.” In fact, Nevada is the only state in the US where brothel prostitution is legally permitted, and Stacey believes this legal framework makes the industry safer and more regulated for the women involved. She explains, “That’s why girls come from all over America to work there. There were lots of girls who were flying to Nevada and just working for a couple of weeks. They called it a tour, so they had a time limit on it and then went back home to live off the money they’d made.”

But it’s not just the safety measures that intrigue Stacey during her stay at The Mustang Ranch; she forms a deep connection with Erica, the brothel’s oldest worker at the age of 68. Stacey gushes, “Oh Erica! I am still entirely obsessed with her. She’s iconic and was actually one of the most popular courtesans at the brothel.” Erica’s popularity and success at The Mustang Ranch debunk stereotypes around age and sex work. Stacey shares her admiration for Erica, saying, “She was such a scream and so entertaining. I loved hanging out with her.” The genuine camaraderie Stacey witnessed among the courtesans highlights the unique bond they share despite their unconventional profession: “It was really refreshing to see the support and solidarity among the women at the ranch.”


From the world of legalized brothels, Stacey moves on to explore alternative family dynamics in Florida. She stays with a family comprised of two mums and one dad, challenging the traditional structure of a nuclear family. Stacey empathizes with their choice, explaining, “By the end of the weekend, I was thinking I can totally understand why you’d want three parents as opposed to two because it just means there’s more hands on deck.” The non-traditional family arrangement strikes a chord with Stacey, who recognizes the benefits and challenges that come with breaking away from societal norms.

The last stop on Stacey’s Sleeps Over USA journey takes her to South Dakota, where she spends time with a family of off-grid polygamist Mormons. Stacey relishes the opportunity to delve into their beliefs and experiences, saying, “This episode is brilliant, I can’t wait for people to tune in. I think visually it’s really impressive, as the landscape is extraordinary. We turned up and were greeted by this super charismatic guy, Jeff, who has two wives.” Stacey finds herself captivated by Jeff’s personality and the dynamics of their relationships, sharing, “He’s got all the chat and purposely tries to be a bit outlandish or a bit bombastic – he’s always trying to shock you. I really liked him, and I enjoyed spending time with him because I just find people like that completely fascinating.”

Throughout her stay with the polygamist family, Stacey uncovers the complexities and nuances of their lifestyle. She realizes that although it may be unconventional, it is a choice made by consenting adults, and there are valid reasons behind their decisions. Stacey notes, “As much as we can all say it’s a bit silly and daft, there are always valid points to why people choose these ways of life.”

Sleeps Over USA continues to captivate audiences with its thought-provoking and intimate exploration of modern American life. Stacey Dooley’s genuine curiosity and open-mindedness allow her to engage in conversations that challenge societal norms while fostering understanding and empathy. Don’t miss this extraordinary series that brings compelling stories straight to your living room.


As Stacey reflects on the success of the show, she expresses her love for Sleeps Over USA, saying, “I love how you are forced to accelerate the relationship that you have with your contributors because of the very nature of the way you’re filming. You’re in their space, so it immediately feels much more intimate and much more telling.” Stacey also appreciates the positive response from viewers, sharing, “I love how much people have embraced this series. I think it’s perfect tonally, as you can be curious and have conversations about really important topics, but you can also be daft, and it doesn’t have to be too serious.”

Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over USA premieres soon on W.

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