Secret Crush Series Two | Interview with Verona Rose

Secret Crush is back for a second series, what can you tell us about it?

This time I just think it’s bigger, better and we’ve definitely upped the glam! Everything looks more sexy. The set design and everything looks incredible, and it really makes you go ‘ooh I want to know where that is’.

How has filming been?

It’s been so much fun, and really relaxed and I really feel I have come into my own. We know what the show is, we know where to get the funny, and where to get the serious, we have all of that down now this series. Last year, we were filming during COVID under some restrictions which meant we all had to be metres apart. We still had restrictions this year, but not as many as last year.

What can we look forward to from the upcoming series?

We have some real firecrackers. We can look forward to some snogging, some friends who are besties who potentially get-together, some people who end up being in complete shock and some who get pretty annoyed as well. There will be lots of drama and passion.

Did you encounter many awkward, shocking, or surprising moments this series?

Oh definitely, I did experience a few awkward moments. I’m very empathetic and I do feel like I build a genuine relationship with the contributors so they do feel like they can come and speak to me which I think is beautiful.

What’s been your favourite reveal / date?

There were a few, but one that really stood out to me were two people who were friends and helped each other through difficult times. They were not each other’s usual types, but they were pleasantly surprised, and it ended up well. They were going to have their first experience with each other which is great. That’s what is so lovely about this show, people may not have necessarily thought about their relationship progressing but then realising it could and it could be great.

You were able to film with less restrictions, did you notice more intimacy during the dates?

There was a massive difference this time round. You know when you fancy somebody or you realise someone fancies you, you want to have a little flirt. I think the young ones call it ‘the flirty flanter’, when they start playing around with each other and snuggling. Whereas before, they had to hold back what they were really feeling, because they couldn’t touch each other or kiss anyone.

Without giving too much away, have any couples formed after their dates?

Oh my God, yes couples have definitely formed, and finding that out made me feel like my job here is done. I felt so good about it. I felt so happy for them. Some of them were surprising couples because they were unsure initially, but I’m really happy we have some couple out there now.

What tips do you have for anyone who wants to reveal their hidden love to their crush?

Do you know what, they should just do it. I love to get people to reveal their crushes because that’s what I would do if I was harbouring any feelings for someone.

Have you ever revealed your feelings to a secret crush?

Yes, 100%. I’ve always been somebody who goes ‘do you know what, I like you’ so I’m a big believer in revealing your feelings. And the saying that says, ‘you miss a 100% of the chances you don’t take’ so you’ll never know what you could had with that person.

What other projects have you got coming up this year?

I’ve been in the writers’ room for a Netflix show, and I’m also filming a show for them too. I’ve been working with some incredible people that I’ve been watching on TV for years and it’s a dream to be working with them. I also return for an episode of Sorry, I Didn’t Know on ITV.

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