The Cleaner Series 2: Interview with Roisin Conaty who plays Her



Can you tell us a bit about your character and what attracted you to the role?

My character is part of an inept batshit serial killer couple. She is also really into the mythology of serial killers so she wants to make sure her killings make the grade of the well-known serial killers, she is very camp and heightened, it’s almost like she is playacting as a serial killer but yknow she kills people. It was fun to play someone who was so grandiose & dominant. Also great wig.

What was it like working alongside Greg?

Ah I always love working with Greg, lots of laughs and gossiping between takes. It was a very different dynamic for us as my character has total control over him which was a bit different to Man Down.

Do you have a favourite moment from filming your episode?

When Greg was tied to the chair and I flicked his nose. It was very funny to film and I hope it makes the cut.

How do you think you would fare as a crime-scene cleaner?

I think I would respond like those fainting goats. I’m not good with blood and gore. The smell of a babies nappy can make me dizzy.


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