48 Hours: “Kristen Trickle: Autopsy of the Mind”, April 22, 2024, CBS

48 Hours

In the Saturday April 27 episode of ‘48 Hours‘ on CBS, correspondent Erin Moriarty examines the mysterious death of 26-year-old Kristen Trickle, who was found dying from a gunshot wound in Hays, Kansas, in the early morning hours of Halloween 2019. Colby Trickle, Kristen’s husband, called 911, but the circumstances surrounding her death were shrouded in uncertainty.

Sergeant Brandon Hauptman, one of the responding officers, describes finding Kristen barely alive, with a gunshot wound. The coroner ruled her death as suicide, but prosecutor Aaron Cunningham had doubts about this conclusion, suspecting that the large-caliber revolver used may not have been easily turned on herself. He directs his suspicion toward Colby, while Colby’s attorney, Cassy Zeigler, emphasizes Colby’s immediate call for help and the fact that Kristen was still alive when he made the call.

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To resolve the conflicting interpretations of the evidence, authorities ordered an unusual type of autopsy: a psychological autopsy to understand Kristen’s state of mind before her death. This innovative approach had never been used in a criminal case in Kansas before.

The investigation also uncovered intriguing details from Colby’s cellphone data, including flirtatious messages with another woman and evidence contradicting his initial statements about life insurance. Prosecutors allege that Colby was aware of his wife’s life insurance policy and had even searched for information on the payout amount prior to her death.

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Don’t miss this engrossing episode of ’48 Hours’ to uncover the truth behind Kristen Trickle’s death and the innovative methods used to piece together the puzzle of this complex case.

Tune in to ’48 Hours: Kristen Trickle: Autopsy of the Mind’ on CBS, airing Saturday, April 27, 2024, at 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT, with streaming available on Paramount+.

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