A Place in the Sun: Menorca – Lisa & Neil (Channel 4 Monday, 27 May 27, 2024)

A Place in the Sun

In the upcoming episode of A Place in the Sun, viewers can join Jasmine Harman as she assists primary school worker Lisa and company director Neil in their quest for an idyllic holiday home. The couple has a longstanding love affair with Menorca, spanning decades of memorable vacations. Now, they yearn to establish deeper roots on the island by purchasing a property that embodies their cherished memories and aspirations for the future.

With a budget of £250,000, Jasmine is determined to find the perfect place that ticks all the boxes for Lisa and Neil. She curates a selection of five potential properties, each promising a unique blend of Menorcan charm and modern comforts. From rustic villas to seaside apartments, the choices are diverse and enticing.

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Will Lisa and Neil find their dream holiday home among the options presented to them? Will they be able to envision new memories and a future filled with sunshine and relaxation? Jasmine is eager to guide them through this exciting journey, ensuring that their budget goes a long way toward making their Menorca dream a reality.

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A Place in the Sun: Menorca airs on Channel 4 at 4.00 pm on Monday, May 27, 2024.

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