Acapulco, May 8, 2024, Apple TV+, “Dead Man’s Party”

Acapulco Season 3

The popular comedy series Acapulco returns with its third season, airing on Apple TV+. In the third episode “Dead Man’s Party,” airing on Wednesday May 8, we get a mix of humour and emotional storylines as the characters navigate love, family, and professional challenges.

In this instalment, Don Pablo approaches Maximo with a task that tests his training and skills. Meanwhile, Julia faces a difficult choice: whether to be honest with Nora. The episode promises to deliver intriguing twists and turns, keeping viewers engaged and entertained.

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The series, inspired by the 2017 film How to Be a Latin Lover, follows the story of Maximo Gallardo, a young Mexican man who lands his dream job at the prestigious Las Colinas Resort in Acapulco. However, he soon discovers that the job is far more complicated than he anticipated.

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The talented ensemble cast includes Eugenio Derbez, Enrique Arrizon, Damián Alcázar, and Camila Perez, among others.

Acapulco: Dead Man’s Party airs on Apple TV+ at 3.00 am on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

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