A&E After Dark: Season 5 Episode 12 (5STAR, Thursday 16 May 2024)

A&E After Dark

A&E After Dark returns Thursday evening with a brand new episode on 5STAR, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the night-time challenges faced by NHS staff in the A&E department of Hull Royal Infirmary.

In this episode, Dr. Fahri is running the A&E department in North Middlesex University Hospital and treats a patient experiencing an aggressive mental health episode. The patient poses a threat to himself and others, requiring restraint and admission to the mental health department. Meanwhile, in Resus, a familiar patient, Volodymyr, is in critical condition after suffering from a series of seizures, prompting concerns about oxygen deprivation and brain damage. The medical team races to identify the cause.

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Up north in Rotherham, the police bring in a patient who injured his ankle while evading arrest, falling from a 3-meter-high wall. Back in London, 33-year-old Zagham suffered a fall from a ladder at work, resulting in a severely deformed leg. X-rays reveal sharp bone shards that pose a dangerous threat to his blood vessels.

The episode also follows a patient in police custody in North London, known to be alcohol-dependent, who is experiencing heart palpitations and potential alcohol withdrawal, a life-threatening condition. Dr. John examines elderly dementia patient Avril, who fell at a hairdresser, for potential hidden injuries.

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In Tunbridge Wells, David seeks medical attention for severe abdominal pain, prompting Dr. Elise to scan for a potential aortic leak, a life-threatening condition.

A&E After Dark: Season 5 Episode 12 airs Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 9:00 p.m. on 5STAR.

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