America’s Backyard Gold, April 19, 2024, Discovery Channel, “Carolina Rare Gold”

America's Backyard Gold

America’s Backyard Gold returns with its sixth episode, “Carolina Rare Gold,” taking viewers on a journey to the Carolinas in search of America’s rarest and most valuable gold. Host Dave Turin, a gold mining veteran, explores the region’s rich history and helps everyday miners uncover their golden paydays.

In this episode, airing on Discovery on Friday April 19, Turin meets with ingenious everyday miners, a moonshiner seeking fortune, and a gold nomad, all while showcasing the Carolinas as a prime location for gold prospecting. With his expertise, Turin guides viewers through the process of finding gold and reveals the secrets to successful mining in the region.

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The episode uncovers the hidden treasures of the Carolinas, providing insight into the techniques and locations that can lead to lucrative gold discoveries. From time-honored methods to modern approaches, viewers will learn about the diverse ways to find gold in this historic region.

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America’s Backyard Gold: Carolina Rare Gold airs on the Discovery Channel at 9:01 PM on Friday, April 19, 2024.

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