Bäckström Season 3 Premiere (Acorn TV, Monday, May 20, 2024)


Acorn TV presents the third season of the Swedish crime drama Bäckström. The season comprises six episodes available to binge-watch.

In this new season, Bäckström and Niemi travel to Palma, a holiday paradise, without their boss’s knowledge. They are following a lead on the murder of Bäckström’s childhood friend, Sally—the only case he has never solved. When a Swedish man is found murdered in their hotel, Bäckström initiates his own investigation, which the local police do not welcome.

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Meanwhile, an explosive device linked to the Tälje cartel detonates in central Stockholm. Bäckström employs his unconventional methods to uncover clues, and it appears that the two murder cases and the Stockholm explosion are connected. As Bäckström seeks answers, will he finally find peace regarding his friend Sally’s case?

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The season continues to explore Bäckström’s past and his unresolved feelings about his friend’s murder, it’s still not clear just what involvement Bäckström had in the murder, the flashbacks seem to suggest something and Bäckström clearly has some kind of mental blackout over the whole thing, maybe he was traumatised by discovering her. In Swedish with English subtitles

Bäckström: Season 3 premieres Monday, May 20, 2024, with all episodes available to binge-watch on Acorn TV.

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