Cold Case Investigators: Solving Britain’s Sex Crimes Series Premiere (BBC Two, Monday 20 May 2024)

Cold Case Investigators: Solving Britain's Sex Crimes

The first episode of Cold Case Investigators: Solving Britain’s Sex Crimes airs on BBC Two on Monday, 20 May 2024. The episode explores the work of a dedicated police unit that tackles unsolved sexual offenses across the UK by utilizing modern DNA techniques.

In this installment, the team investigates two disturbing cases. The first case involves the kidnap and serious sexual assault of two schoolgirls in 2002. The team employs cutting-edge DNA technology to identify and track down the perpetrators, bringing them to justice and providing long-awaited closure to the victims.

The episode also explores the rape of a teenage boy in 1983. By re-examining the case with modern forensic methods, the unit aims to solve this cold case and hold the responsible person accountable. The program highlights the impact of these crimes on the victims and their families and showcases the dedication and perseverance of the police unit as they strive to deliver justice and prevent further harm.

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Episode 1 introduces viewers to the complex and emotional work of this specialized police unit. As they navigate the challenges of investigating cold cases, often with limited evidence and the passage of time, the team’s expertise and determination come to the forefront. The episode contributes to a broader narrative of justice and healing, demonstrating how advancements in DNA technology can play a pivotal role in solving crimes and providing closure for victims.

Cold Case Investigators: Solving Britain’s Sex Crimes airs Monday, 20 May 2024, at 9.00 pm on BBC Two.

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