BBC’s Paranormal: The Village That Saw Aliens Set for June 16

The BBC has revealed that the second series of its documentary show, Paranormal, will be released on June 16. Titled The Village That Saw Aliens, the new series explores the world of UFOs and extraterrestrial activity, following up on the success of the first series, Paranormal: The Girl, The Ghost, and the Gravestone. Radio 1 presenter Sian Eleri leads the audience on a new paranormal adventure, investigating a series of strange events that began with a UFO sighting by a group of schoolboys in a Welsh village.

Co-commissioned by BBC Three and BBC Wales, the show delves into a fascinating case that made headlines around the world. In the 1970s and 1980s, along the south and west coasts of Wales, numerous individuals in cities, seaside towns, and rural villages reported a wave of unexplained and terrifying sightings. These reports ranged from UFO sightings to claims of a spaceship by a local hotelier.

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Known for her natural skepticism, Eleri is excited to dive into this intriguing realm of the paranormal. She says, “It’s been eye-opening to explore such open-ended issues, and this series continues to challenge my beliefs. I can’t wait for its launch so that audiences can form their own opinions on the case.”

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Eleri’s first task is to locate the schoolboys whose “alien” encounter in the village of Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire, sparked a nationwide frenzy. With access to the original investigator’s case files and interviews with those at the heart of the incident, Eleri uncovers chilling and peculiar twists that leave her questioning her own preconceptions.

The four-part series, produced by Twenty Twenty Productions Ltd, will be available as a box set on BBC iPlayer from June 14. The first two episodes will air on BBC Three on the same day, with subsequent episodes airing weekly. The series will also broadcast on BBC One Wales.

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