Canal Boat Diaries: Hawne Basin to Stourbridge (Yesterday, 5 June 2024)

Narrow Boat

Canal Boat Diaries returns with a brand new episode on Yesterday on Wednesday 5 June 2024. In this episode, canal explorer and narrowboat enthusiast Robbie Cumming continues his journey across the Midlands, but not without facing some challenges along the way.

Robbie encounters a setback when the Naughty Lass collides with a low bridge on the Bumble Hole Canal Branch, resulting in a damaged chimney. Undeterred, he presses on and navigates the impressive Delph Locks with its stunning waterfall weirs.

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This episode takes viewers on a journey through the industrial heartland of England, showcasing the beauty and challenges of canal life. Robbie’s persistence and passion for narrowboating shine as he tackles obstacles and enjoys the unique experiences that canal travel offers.

As Robbie makes his way towards Stourbridge, he discovers the rich history and natural wonders that the Midlands canals have to offer. With his trusty narrowboat, Robbie explores a different side of England, one that is often overlooked by traditional travel routes.

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Canal Boat Diaries: Hawne Basin to Stourbridge airs on Wednesday, 5 June 2024, at 7:00 pm on Yesterday.

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