Days of Our Lives, April 11, 2024, Peacock

Days of Our Lives

In this episode of Days of Our Lives, airing on NBC on Thursday, April 11, 2024, Holly and Tate enjoy a romantic picnic, Steve apologizes to Kayla, Konstantin gives Maggie bad news, and Stephanie questions Everett about his refusal to sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Xander tells Chad he wants an investigation into who framed him, and Johnny and Chanel’s honeymoon is interrupted.

Holly and Tate finally get some time together and enjoy a romantic picnic in the park. Their relationship has been fraught with challenges, including Holly’s drug overdose and Tate’s subsequent arrest.

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Steve comes to Kayla seeking forgiveness for his involvement in Clyde’s escape from Statesville. Their relationship has been tested by Steve’s actions, and Kayla’s support will be crucial for their reconciliation.

Konstantin delivers bad news to Maggie and Stephanie questions Everett about his refusal to sign the divorce papers. Their relationship has been strained due to Everett’s alternate personality, Bobby, and Stephanie’s confusion about their past.

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Meanwhile Xander seeks Chad’s help in investigating who framed him and Johnny and Chanel find their honeymoon interrupted.

This episode of Days of Our Lives drops Thursday April 11, 2024 at 6.00am on Peacock.

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