Days of Our Lives (Peacock Thursday May 30, 2024)

Days of Our Lives

On the Thursday May 30 episode of ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Theresa receives an unexpected job offer from Stefan, who is still searching for a new manager for his restaurant, The Bistro. Theresa, a frequent patron of the establishment, is well-acquainted with the menu and has a charismatic presence that can charm customers. Recognizing these advantages, Stefan extends an offer, which Theresa is likely to accept.

Meanwhile, Alex finds himself in a love triangle with Theresa and Kristen. He confides in Marlena about his dilemma, seeking guidance on navigating this complicated situation.

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Elsewhere, EJ delivers surprising news to Kristen, revealing that Jude is her brother’s son with Nicole. However, EJ is not the biological father, and Kristen becomes suspicious of the inconsistencies in the story. Seeking leverage to secure the CEO position at DiMera Enterprises, she remains vigilant for any blackmail opportunities that may arise.

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In Montana, Ava devises a scheme to capture Clyde Weston, enlisting the help of Harris and Lucas. However, her true intention is to take the first opportunity to pull the trigger on Clyde.

‘Days of Our Lives’ airs Thursday, May 30, 2024, at 6:00 a.m. on Peacock.

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