Dennis Potter’s Karaoke Gets a BBC Four Screening on Sunday 9 June

Dennis Potter's Karaoke

BBC Four presents a special broadcast of all four parts of Dennis Potter’s compelling 1996 drama series, Karaoke, introduced by director Renny Rye.

Dennis Potter’s “Karaoke” is a 1996 British television drama that offers a compelling exploration of themes such as free will, human existence, relationships, and the creative process. Written by Potter while he was battling pancreatic cancer, the series stars Albert Finney as Daniel Feeld, a writer whose reality becomes blurred with fiction.

In “Karaoke,” Feeld finds himself entangled in a unique narrative where his encounters mirror those in his latest work, also titled “Karaoke.” The serial revolves around Sandra Sollars (Saffron Burrows), a young woman who works in a seedy karaoke bar owned by Arthur ‘Pig’ Mailion (Hywel Bennett), and her boyfriend, Peter Beasley (Neil Stuke).

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In the first episode, Daniel Feeld, the writer of the film Karaoke, encounters someone similar to one of his screenplay characters and follows them to their workplace. As the story unfolds, the lines between fiction and reality start to blur.

The second episode, finds Daniel Feeld in a hospital due to his compulsive pursuit of the enchanting Sandra. In episode 3 Daniel tracks Sandra’s movements and encounters her disfigured mother. The intensity builds in the fourth and final episode, as Daniel, aware of his limited time, urgently sets his mission in motion.

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Karaoke stars Albert Finney as Daniel Feeld, and also features Richard E. Grant, Julie Christie, Roy Hudd, Anna Chancellor and Keeley Hawes in one of her first TV roles. The series was directed by Renny Rye and produced by Potter stalwart Kenith Trodd.

With a talented cast, including Finney, the series presents a poignant examination of Potter’s life and future legacy. By blending reality, fantasy, and truth, “Karaoke” challenges the boundaries between these elements.

“Karaoke” was filmed as a single production with the serial “Cold Lazarus,” also directed by Renny Rye, and forms the first half of a pair with it.

All four episodes of Karaoke air on BBC Four on Sunday 9 June 2024 from 10:15 pm.

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