Doctor Who: Dot and Bubble airs 1 June on Disney+, BBC One & iPlayer

Doctor Who Dot and Bubble airs 1 June on Disney+, BBC One & iPlayer

The Time Lord and Ruby Sunday Land in a World of Harmony, but an Ancient Terror Lurks.

The latest episode of Doctor Who, “Dot and Bubble,” airs Saturday, 1 June on BBC One, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+.

In this episode, the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and their companion, Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson), find themselves in the world of Finetime, a seemingly happy and harmonious place. However, an awful terror preys on the citizens, and the Doctor and Ruby must uncover the truth before it’s too late.

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This episode follows the highly-rated “73 Yards,” which aired last week and saw the Doctor and Ruby stranded in Wales, where they stumbled upon a fairy circle. The Doctor disappeared, and Ruby was left alone, stalked by a mysterious woman. The episode channelled some great folk-horror tropes, “Dot and Bubble,” though looks to be a return to the show’s blend of adventure, drama, and science fiction, with the Doctor and Ruby facing a new threat in a new world.

Doctor Who: Season 14 Episode 5, “Dot and Bubble,” airs Saturday 1 June, 2024 at 6:50 pm on BBC One and will also be available earlier on iPlayer and Disney+.

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