‘Doctor Who’ Episode ‘Rogue’ Review: Fun, Adventure, and Romance

First-Look Photos of Jonathan Groff's Rogue Character in Doctor Who 2

The latest episode of ‘Doctor Who’ takes the Doctor and Ruby back in time to 1813 in a Bridgerton-inspired adventure.

“Rogue,” the sixth episode of the fourteenth series of “Doctor Who,” takes the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby (Millie Gibson) on a time-traveling journey to Bath, 1813. They attend a lavish ball at the Duchess of Pemberton’s (Indira Varma) mansion, where they encounter a mysterious bounty hunter named Rogue (Jonathan Groff).

This episode, written by Kate Herron and Briony Redman, draws heavy inspiration from “Bridgerton,” evident in the romantic dialogue, choreographed dancing, intricate costume design, and opulent sets. The “Bridgerton” references are not merely superficial either, as Ruby directly mentions the Netflix series by name. The plot centers around a series of peculiar murders that take place during the elegant party.

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First-Look Photos of Jonathan Groff's Rogue Character in Doctor Who

Rogue, with his cheeky grin and quick wit, steals the spotlight and shares undeniable chemistry with the Doctor, making their dynamic one of the episode’s highlights. Despite the underutilization of Indira Varma, her performance as the Duchess is praiseworthy, and Ncuti Gatwa shines as he delivers glorious lines.

While the monster in this episode may not be the most memorable, the final act is intense, and the story concludes with an unexpectedly poignant twist. “Rogue” offers a blend of danger, signature monsters, and a glimpse into the Doctor’s playful and spontaneous side.

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