Eastenders, 25 April 2024, BBC One


In the Thursday 25 April episode of ‘EastEnders‘ airing on BBC One, Whitney Dean faces the consequences of her recent actions, including her lies and interference in Britney’s bullying situation.

Meanwhile, Jade Fox visits Dean Wicks in prison, where he pleads his innocence regarding the tampering of her medication and the murder of Keanu Taylor.

At The Vic, Jay Brown attempts to ease tensions between Lexi and Nadine over the baby, but his efforts may be in vain as their rift continues to grow.

Lexi and Nadine’s Contentious Relationship

In recent episodes of EastEnders, Lexi Pearce, granddaughter of Billy Mitchell and Lola Pearce, has been at odds with Nadine Keller, who claims to be pregnant with Jay Brown’s child. Lexi suspects Nadine’s motives and believes she may be linked to her late mother, Lola.

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Lexi and Nadine’s relationship takes a turn for the worse when Nadine shares the news of her pregnancy with Lexi, upsetting the young girl. This incident sets off a chain of events, with Lexi determined to expose Nadine’s true intentions.

Lexi enlists the help of her great-great-grandfather, Stevie Mitchell, to prove that Nadine is taking Jay for a ride. They confront Nadine and pressure her to take a DNA test to confirm the paternity of her unborn child. Nadine’s cagey behaviour raises further suspicions, and Stevie decides to investigate further…

Meanwhile, Jay has his own doubts about the pregnancy and invites Nadine to his flat, leading to an argument. Despite his initial uncertainty, Jay promises to support Nadine and their child. However, when Nadine realises the importance of the baby to Jay, she is overcome with guilt.

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In an attempt to improve relations, Jay takes Lexi and Nadine out for lunch at the Queen Vic, but things take a turn when Lexi refuses to hold her tongue, indicating a growing rift between them.

As the week progresses, Jay continues his efforts to foster a relationship between Lexi and Nadine, but it becomes clear that a rift is forming. Lexi’s suspicions grow stronger, and she recruits Stevie to help her expose Nadine’s lies.

The dynamic between Lexi and Nadine is filled with tension and mistrust, with Lexi determined to uncover the truth and protect her family’s interests.

EastEnders airs Thursday, April 25, 2024, at 7:30 PM on BBC One.

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