General Hospital, Friday April 19, 2024, ABC

General Hospital Today

On ‘General Hospital,’ Friday’s episode is packed with surprises and intrigue. Lois teases Brook Lynn and Olivia with exciting hints, perhaps related to Brook Lynn’s upcoming bachelorette party. At the PCPD, Josslyn delivers an emotional plea to Anna, begging her to reject Dex’s application to become a cop, fearing it will make him a bigger target for Sonny’s wrath.

Anna makes a tense phone call, summoning someone to her office, as she navigates the delicate balance between Dex’s future and Sonny’s looming charges. Meanwhile, Nina discusses selling her share of the Metro Court to Jason with Drew, believing it will pave the way for a reunion with Sonny.

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However, Drew hints that Nina’s plan may backfire due to the strained relationship between Sonny and Jason. Nina and Drew’s clash may lead to another steamy encounter. Jason stuns Carly with a generous gift, confessing his intention to buy her share of the Metro Court, which Carly initially resists.

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General Hospital airs Friday April 19, 2024 at 2.00pm on ABC.

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