Days of Our Lives, Friday April 19, 2024, Peacock

Days of Our Lives

On ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Friday’s episode reveals that Jada overhears Rafe pressuring Everett to sign the divorce papers, acknowledging his true identity as Robert Stein. Rafe encourages Everett to set aside his ego and finally sign, with the potential hint of marriage to Jada in the future. Jada, impressed by Rafe’s assertiveness, considers accepting his previous offer to move in together.

Meanwhile, Everett deceives Stephanie about the progress of his hypnotherapy, feigning success while refusing to undergo further treatment. Marlena and John cherish their babysitting duty for Jude Brady, creating special bonds with their grandson. Maggie and Konstantin take center stage as they announce their rushed wedding plans, leaving Xander and Sarah feeling unsettled.

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Chad and Thomas DiMera enjoy father-son bonding, with the potential discovery of a red card belonging to Konstantin that could control John, aka “The Pawn.” This card could trigger John’s programming, leading to unpredictable consequences.

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Days of Our Lives airs Friday April 19, 2024 at 6.00am on Peacock.

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