Ghost Ships, 24 April 2024, Sky History, “In the Graveyard of the Atlantic”

Sky History

The mysterious depths of the Atlantic Ocean come under the spotlight in the new documentary series, Ghost Ships, airing on Sky History on Wednesday 24 April. The first episode, “In the Graveyard of the Atlantic,” explores the treacherous waters of Nova Scotia, known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” and the legends that surround it.

The series follows professional salvage diver Tony Sampson, known for his appearances on Curse of Oak Island, and his team as they navigate the dangerous currents and eerie folklore of Nova Scotia. Joining forces with archaeologists and treasure hunters, each episode will feature a compelling human story, alongside 3D recreations of wreck sites and never-before-seen dives.

In this inaugural episode, the team braves the chilling legends and shifting currents of Nova Scotia, a province in eastern Canada with a rich maritime history. Here, the sea has claimed countless ships and lives over the centuries, leaving behind mysteries that remain unsolved.

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One such legend is that of the “Ghost Ship of Northumberland Strait,” a ghost ship said to sail ablaze within the body of water separating Prince Edward Island from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The legend dates back at least 200 years, with stories of a beautiful schooner with white sails, engulfed in flames as onlookers watch. It is said to appear before a northeast wind, foretelling an impending storm.

Adding to the intrigue, there is the story of the Mary Celeste, a Nova Scotia-built brigantine that became known as the “world’s most famous ghost ship.” In 1872, the Mary Celeste was found drifting in the Atlantic Ocean without any crew on board, sparking speculation and fascination that continues to this day.

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As Sampson and his team explore these mysteries, they will uncover the human stories, the tragic losses, and the impact these ghost ships have had on the region’s history and culture.

Ghost Ships airs on Sky History at 9.00 pm on Wednesday 24 April 2024.

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