Growing Up Jewish, 24 April 2024, BBC One


Growing Up Jewish offers a poignant insight into the lives of four young people on the cusp of a significant milestone: their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

In this documentary, airing on BBC One on Wednesday 24 April, we meet Dylan, Ayala, Talia, and Eve, who are all preparing for this momentous rite of passage, a celebration of their transition to adulthood within the Jewish faith. Each individual brings a unique perspective, reflecting the diverse practices and traditions of the Orthodox and Reform branches of Judaism.

Dylan, who recently moved away from a stricter Modern Orthodox community with his family, looks forward to a non-traditional ceremony. He embraces the challenge of reading from the Torah and delivering a speech in front of his loved ones, marking a journey towards finding his voice and gaining confidence.

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Ayala, the daughter of a senior Orthodox Rabbi, feels the pressure of representing her family as they settle into a new synagogue. Her deep understanding of Jewish laws, values, and traditions adds a layer of responsibility to her coming-of-age celebration.

Talia, the youngest of four siblings, anticipates a grand party while also exploring ways to incorporate charitable giving into her Bat Mitzvah, inspired by the Torah’s commandments.

Eve, who comes from a non-religious household, has chosen to have a Bat Mitzvah to connect with her Jewish heritage. Her mother is a secular Jew, and her father is an atheist. Eve’s celebration becomes a meaningful way to unite both sides of her family and share her cultural identity.

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As the clock ticks towards their special week, the documentary captures the intimate preparations, the significance of this milestone, and the personal journeys of these four young people as they embrace adulthood within their faith.

Growing Up Jewish airs on BBC One at 10:40 pm on Wednesday 24 April 2024.

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